Scriptorium – my 12th century inspired knighting scroll & vigil book page for my husband :)

2017-04 - Racaire - Conrads 12th century inspired knighting scroll - SCA - Kingdom of Meridies - Order of Chivalry - peerage scrollAnd finally – last but not least – the 12th century inspired knighting scroll and vigil book page which I made for my husband’s knighting at Gulf Wars!

Well, as you might already know, I consider the 12th century the one “true century”. However, I have to admit that I awfully neglected my beloved century when it comes to calligraphy and scrolls. Therefore I made the creation of his 12th century knighting scroll my very personal mission. And yes, I even learned two new styles for it. 😀
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Scriptorium – my vigil book calligraphy for Hrothgar’s vigil book

And again I have some lovely calligraphy for you. I proudly present to you a picture of the two pages with the calligraphy and pen work I made for Hrothgar’s vigil book. 😀

2014-10 - Racaire - Hrothgars SCA Knighting - vigil book pages - calligraphy and pen work - SCA

You maybe remember my recent posting “Scriptorium – sneak peek at yesterdays calligraphy for a vigil book…“. In this previous posting I was just able to show you some small sneak peek photos of the calligraphy for Hrothgar’s vigil book. And today I am able to proudly present to you the whole calligraphy. 😀

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Scriptorium – sneak peek at yesterdays calligraphy for a vigil book…

Racaire-scroll-2012The motto of yesterdays afternoon was: Calligraphy, calligraphy & some pen work! *wooohooo* 😀

Ok, first things first – a friend of my sweetheart will become a knight of the SCA in about 2 weeks. 🙂

Every SCA award which is given out by the King and Queen during court at an SCA event is already a rather big deal but being elevated to the peerage – to become either a “Laurel”, a “Pelican” or a “Knight” – is one of the most important “awards”/elevations the SCA has to offer. Therefore I was very happy when I was asked to contribute to this very special moment by creating the Knighting scroll.

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