Face mask with Newgrange triple spiral print – brown/blue – Large


Large handprinted brown linen neolithic Newgrange triple spiral face mask with long ties & blue triple spiral print. Printed by hand with my own, handcarved triple spiral stamp. New, pre-washed 100% linen fabric, ready to wear and machine washable!

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This (Large) face mask is based on the “UFL Mask Prototype 2 – Version 1.04” face mask pattern and consists of 3 layers: linen/cotton/linen. I printed the lovely linen for this face mask by hand using a stamp which I carved myself. The triple spiral is based on a Neolithic triple spiral from the Newgrange site in Ireland.

The 100% linen on the outside lays soft on the skin while absorbing sweat and still providing a great breathability. The long ties can be tied behind the head which provide relief for sore ears. While not needed the top ties can be untied while the bottom ties make sure that the mask doesn‘t fall to the ground until it is needed again or put away. All facemasks are new, made from pre-washed materials, ready to wear and machine washable!

The (Large) face mask you are going to purchase is completely new and unworn.


Face mask with Newgrange triple spiral print – brown/blue – Large
Large size
Ties: 4, ca. 20 inch
Fabric: new & pre-washed 100% linen
Print: neolithic Newgrange triple spiral
Made in Crestview, Florida, USA

This Large face mask size is based on the “UFL/University of Florida Mask Prototype 2 – Version 1.04” – please see the picture underneath for a fit comparison to the Basic size.

Racaire's Workshop - size comparison Basic and Large size face mask
Comparison of the Basic size & Large size face mask. Basic size fits most faces. Large size is available on request!

Our non-medical face masks are not replacements for medical grade personal protective equipment (PPE) and do not guarantee protection against COVID-19. We recommend you practice the safety guidelines mandated by your government, the WHO and healthcare professionals.

Please keep in mind that photos sometimes can’t display the true colors. Due to the hand printing process every print is slightly different & unique.


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