12th/13th century raw silk tunic with castle roundel print – XLarge


12th/13th century raw silk tunic with handprinted 13th century castle roundel print & side slit neckline in XLarge size. Pre-washed silk, ready to wear & machine washable!

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12th/13th century hand printed raw silk tunic based on and inspired by extant museum pieces and finds as well as period artwork in comfortable XL.

All main body seams were worked as felled seams for extra durability. The neckline and cuffs were sewn by hand and embellished with a tablet woven band made by me. I made fingerwoven yellow & red braid for the neckline according to a 16th century manual pattern and added hand made red tassels to the end. All parts of the neckline were reinforced by hand.

The lovely soft raw silk fabric has a good weight to it. Raw silk is a wonderful fabric with great properties. It is soft and able to retain moisture without feeling damp which can keep your skin cool in the summer while providing great insulation in the winter time.

 The tunic pattern is based on and inspired by 12th and 13th extant finds. The side slit neckline is based on 12th century museum pieces and period artwork. I printed this lovely soft greenish grey raw silk by hand using stamps which I carved myself. This 13th century castle roundel stamp and its accompanying filler stamp are both based on a pattern depicted in 13th century artwork from the German region. The raw silk fabric is pre-washed and the tunic is ready to wear. It is completely machine washable on cold/delicate setting – line dry/hang to dry recommended.

12th/13th century raw silk tunic with castle roundel print
Size: XL
Width: ca. 33 inch (from one side to the other measured underneath the sleeves)
Height: ca. 46 inch (shoulder to bottom)
Fabric: pre-washed soft raw silk, ready to wear
Print: 13th century castle roundel print
Machine-washable on cold/delicate setting; hang to dry
Made in Crestview, Florida, USA
One of a kind tunic
Free shipping to the lower 48 US states.


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