Bag with 12th – 14th century teardrop with “Arabic text” print – blue / white – 12 x 12 inch


Bag made from blue cotton canvas, lined with white cotton fabric & hand printed in white with a hand carved 12th – 14th century “Arabic text” stamp.

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I printed this nice blue cotton canvas by hand using a stamp which I carved myself. This teardrop with “Arabic text” stamp is based on actual printed fabric in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum where it is dated towards the 12th/13th century as well as a printed fabric piece in the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest where it is dated to the 14th century. Both Museum collections agree about the German origin.

12th - 14th century printed fabric
12th/13th century teardrop pattern with “Arabic text” and birds. Photo courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum.

During the last years fabric collections were re-examined and this print, as well as several other medieval prints, were deemed (late) medieval falsifications. Though the actual dating to the 12th-13th or 14th century might be questionable now, it is still (very probably) a print from the medieval time period. However, I will use the initial dating until the museums update the time period for this pieces.

All seams of the bag were reinforced. The whole bag was lined with white cotton fabric from one of the last cotton mills in America. All used fabrics were pre-washed. The bag is machine washable if needed.

Bag with 12th – 14th century teardrop with “Arabic text” print
Uses: Messenger bag / Pilgrim bag / everyday use
Width: ca. 12 inch
Height: ca. 12 inch
Strap: ca. 28.5 inch high / 57 inch in total
Fabric: blue cotton canvas, lined with white cotton fabric
Print: white 12th – 14th “Arabic text” print
Made in Crestview, Florida, USA


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