Heavy fighting tabard


Hand printed SCA Heavy Fighting Tabard  in 2XL+ made from durable heavy cotton canvas.
All seams were reinforced and it is completely washable!
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Thanks to my dear husband you can see my recently finished SCA heavy fighting tabard with 12th century inspired handprinted fabric in all its beauty! This lovely SCA fighting tabard in a very comfortable 2XL+ size is definitely made for SCA heavy fighting and not only for looking good at court!

SCA Heavy Fighting Tabard with handprinted 12th century inspired pattern

SCA Heavy Fighting Tabard
Size: 2XL+
Width on top: ca. 31 inch (from one arm opening to the other)
Height: ca. 48 inch (shoulder to bottom)
Fabric: Heavy cotton canvas
Print: 12th century inspired
Reinforced seams & borders, side gores, front & back slit.
Made in Crestview, Florida, USA
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This fighting tabard project took about 3 hours of printing and 10 hours of cutting, pinning & sewing! The fabric was pre-washed several times. All main seams of this tabard were worked as felled seams for extra strength and durability. The neckline and every other seam & border was also reinforced to make sure that this fighting tabard will serve well for countless fights once it finds a good home!

SCA Heavy Fighting Tabard with handprinted 12th century inspired pattern

The fabric is durable heavy cotton canvas with a good weight and softness to it. This gives it a great wearability and drape as you can see it on my husband. The tabard is completely washable! I recommend to wash it cold and to line dry it in order to keep the print and fabric in the best possible condition for a long time.

12th century inspired Lion pattern

I printed the black canvas fabric by hand using stamps which I carved myself. This lion pattern is primarily based on an embroidery from the 12th century with a few additions inspired by medieval artwork. The stamp was initially cut for Sir Brealthen de Raimes elevation at Gulf Wars 2019.

My husband often also wears his fighting tunics and tabards instead of his normal tunics/undertunics at events because he finds them so comfortable. This is also a good way to stretch your wardrobe at a very long war event!


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