Large cotton coif/arming cap in white/black with Legion of the Bear / Legio Ursi print


Large white cotton coif/arming cap made from slightly thicker white cotton fabric, handprinted in black with a hand carved small Legion of the Bear / Legio Ursi stamp.

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This style of arming cap/coif was worn throughout the medieval times by all ages and classes.

A coif can be worn by itself to cover the head from sun or wind, to keep ones hair in place or as a nightcap at cold inside or outside camping events. Sometimes a coif was also combined with some kind of hat, cap or hood or a combination of cap and hood. Besides as every day garment it can also be used as arming cap for Heavy Fighting or Fencing as extra layer between helmet padding and head. It really helps to keep longer hair in its place and out of the face.

I printed this slightly thicker white cotton fabric by hand using a Legion of the Bear / Legio Ursi stamp which I carved myself. The fabric has a good weight to it and comes from one of the last American cotton mills.


Large cotton coif/arming cap in white/black with
Legion of the Bear* / Legio Ursi* print
Large size **
2 part coif pattern
Height at front border – top seam to beginning of ties: ca. 9.5 inch
Width at bottom border – back seam to front border: ca. 7.75 inch;
total bottom border one side to the other: ca. 16 inch
Ties: ca. 12 inch long
Fabric: cotton, pre-washed
Machine-washable cold & delicate in a washing bag recommended, hang to dry
Can be ironed on the backside of the printed fabric on low
Made in Crestview, Florida, USA
Limited edition


(*) The Legion of the Bear / Legio Ursi is a fighting award/order for fighters within the Kingdom of Meridies / SCA and the display of this symbols is restricted to people who were elevated into this fighting order – for more information about this awards/orders please see the Kingdom of Meridies Orders and Awards page

** The picture shows this coif on a head with a circumference of 24.75 inch measured above the brow line. Some customers with less head circumference like this large style as it provides them with a very comfortable loose fit.

Please note that the sizes can vary from head to head because of head shapes and sizes as well as used materials.


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