Scarf with Achaemenid lion head print – blue/gold – light weight


Soft lightweight blue scarf with middle eastern Achaemenid lion head inspired by period artwork from Iran dated to ca. 6th-4th century B.C. in premium gold print for a special experience all year long! Hand printed with my own hand carved stamp. New scarf, pre-washed, ready to wear & machine washable!

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This scarf has a soft light weight fabric. A light scarf perfect for a special touch in your modern life which will also go perfectly with your fillet, circlet or coronet! Also great as headscarf/headwrap, hip scarf or as a pretty light scarf for every day life! The scarf can be worn year round, is new, pre-washed and machine washable!

I printed this lovely soft and light scarf by hand using a stamp which I carved myself. The middle eastern lion’s head stamp was inspired by period artwork from the Achaemenid culture in Iran dated to ca. 6th-4th century B.C.

Scarf with Achaemenid lion head print – blue/gold
Width: ca. 27 inch
Length: ca. 70 inch
Fabric: new & pre-washed “cashmere feel” fabric,
50% cotton & 50% viscose,
ca. 5.5 oz/160 g
Print: Achaemenid lion head in premium gold print
Machine-washable cold on delicate setting, line dry recommended
Made in Crestview, Florida, USA

Please keep in mind that photos sometimes can’t display the true colors. Every scarf and print is slightly different and unique due to the handprinting process.


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