Skjoldehamn Hood – deer head print – purple (magenta) / gold – XXL – midweight linen


Purple/Magenta Skjoldehamn Hood in XXL size with golden deer head print, made from 100% midweight linen, hand printed with my hand carved deer head stamp. New & prewashed 100% linen fabric, machine washable.

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This style of hood is based on/inspired by a find in Skjold Harbor in Norway which dates to the 11th century. A hood is a great cover for the head and the shoulders from exposure to sun, cold temperatures and especially windy weather. In the medieval times a hood was often also combined with some kind of coif, hat, cap or a combination of coif and cap.

I printed this lovely midweight linen fabric by hand using a deer head stamp which I carved myself.

Skjoldehamn Hood
deer head print – purple (magenta) / gold – XXL – midweight linen

Fabric: pre-washed, new midweight 100% linen
Face/neck opening: ca. 16 inch
Print: deer head print in premium gold ink, heat set
1 layer linen (unlined) with felled seams & some hand stitching where necessary
Made in Crestview, Florida, USA

Please keep in mind that photos sometimes can’t display the true colors. Every hood & print is slightly different and unique due to the handprinting process.


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