Table runner with octopus print – orange/purple – 32.5 x 12.5 inch


This fun print and color combination was inspired by a customer request. A one of a kind orange table runner with octopus print. Hand printed with my own hand carved stamp. The beautiful cotton denim for the table runner is new & pre-washed. The table runner is ready to be used & machine washable!

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This fun print and color combination was inspired by a customer request. I printed this lovely cotton denim by hand using a stamp which I carved myself. This octopus is a mixture of a late medieval octopus as depicted in a 16th century manuscript as well as a little bit of modern and ancient Minoan inspiration.

This table runner consists of two layers of nice sturdy cotton denim. It will look great on your dinner or coffee table at home or add a little pep to your table at your next feast or picknick! Furthermore it can also serve as a protective layer on your favorite dresser,… It’s so versatile & most important – machine washable!

Table runner with octopus print
Width: ca. 12.5 inch
Length: ca. 32.5 inch
Fabric: orange cotton denim
Weight: ca. 7 oz/190 g
Print: purple octopus print
Made in Crestview, Florida, USA

Please keep in mind that photos sometimes can’t display the true colors. Every table runner and print is slightly different and unique due to the handprinting process. Candle sticks and candles are not included.


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