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Medieval Embroidery – German Brick Stitch Pattern #1

After all the hours which I spent working at German Brick Stitch chart(s) today and yesterday, I am happy to say that I just finished the German Brick Stitch Pattern #2 for my first “Craft with Racaire” project. But this is Pattern #2 and I haven’t re-uploaded Pattern #1 yet – therefore I decided to start with my German Brick Stitch Pattern #1.

Brick-stitch-pattern Thumbnail

I am quite sure some of you will remember the pattern and/or my handout with the pattern chart, which you can see at the picture on the left side. I uploaded it to my blog and a download link for it can be found at the new page “German Brick Stitch“, which is a sub-page of the new “Premium” (Content) page in the header menu. Yes, the new “German Brick Stitch” page with all the download links is just accessible for members of my blog with Premium membership.

Btw. here a picture of the pouch with the German Brick Stitch Pattern #1 I embroidered:

Small German Brick Stitch Pouch

…and a look at my tassels:

Small embroidered tassels

german_brick_pattern v.1 Thumbnail

Hint: I shared this pattern before therefore you can still find a smaller version of my upload of this handout with the chart for pattern #1 among my photos at my facebook fanpage.

During the last weeks I took the time and did what I wanted to do for a rather long time now. I reworked the page with my German Brick Stitch Pattern #1 – it has 2 pages now and the American “letter” format. You can see page one of the reworked handout on the right side. The download link for it can also be found on the above mentioned new “German Brick Stitch” page. I took the freedom to also add some very helpful links concerning the German Brick Stitch technique to this page.


Btw. this was not the only handout I reworked – I also reworked my Refilsaum & Klosterstich handouts and turned them into nice technical fact sheets for my “Craft with Racaire” program.

You can see the the first page of my new Refilsaum and Klosterstich fact sheets on the left and right side. I will upload them as soon as I start a project where I use this techniques.

Best regards Racaire