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Racaire’s wedding cloak project – patch #3 from Denmark

It’s time again for an awesome patch for my wedding cloak project!

Patch for my wedding cloak project by Else Marie Pederson

I proudly present to you another beautiful patch for my wedding cloak project.
This time from Denmark and beautifully embroidered by Else Marie Pederson.
Many thanks to Else for allowing me to share her beautiful patch with you.

About the artisan:

  • Name: Else Marie Pederson
  • From: Denmark

Else Marie was inspired by patterned floor tiles from the 13th and 14th century which she found in the book “Early Medieval Designs”.

Thank you very much Else Marie! 😀 

…and now some more information you:

Patch for my wedding cloak project by Else Marie Pederson

At the left side you can see a really good example how much influence the color of the background fabric has at the appearance of an embroidery. I really like this effect.

This effect is the reason why I sometimes even try “odd” color combinations just to see which effect it has on the whole embroidery. That’s why I used purple for my “We have Dragons” embroidery. It just had this “wow” effect to me – though the combination appeared rather daring to me. 🙂

Both pictures were taken shortly after each other in the same sunlight at the same position. I can say that they also looked very different irl and not only on the photos. The wool fabric of the patch has a lovely nice creme color. While it seems to gleam on the purple background, it looks rather dark and a little bit less appealing on the white fabric.

I really love details like this – I think details like this are the little details which can make the difference between ok and awesome.

Patch for my wedding cloak project by Else Marie Pederson

I also want to share Elses lovely idea of how she sent her embroidered patch to me.

This is “just”: a piece of nice strong paper – folded – with two holes – a ribbon. But it makes such a difference! A really nice idea and a very nice and easy possibility to add the “gift” effect to a piece of embroidery.

I can’t tell you how much I love such details. *lol* *happysigh*

Please don’t forget – treat your embroidery well – the way you send/give it to someone else  not only puts your embroidery in a better light but it also tells a lot about how much you love your work. And last but not least – the better your package looks like, the greater and more long lasting the surprise effect on the side of the recipient will be. 🙂

Find more about this fun project here:

…and now I have to go back to my text for my first “Craft with Racaire” project.
I wish you a beautiful weekend!

Best regards Racaire