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14th century French Pouch .1 – first embroidery

Recently I was speaking about a pouch project with a customer who wanted to complete his 14th century kit with an embroidered pouch made by me. Well, while I was showing him pictures concerning period solutions for the pouch lacing he just fell in love with an extant 14th century French pouch I showed him… *lol*

That was the end of the German Brick Stitch pouch project he had on mind before and the start for something new – my new 14th century French pouch commission – and best of all, I have to use a technique I have known for years now and already thought about to try but never had a reason to do it until now…  😀

Well, as some of you might know, the 14th century is “just” my second favorite time but I am really looking forward to working at this project and well, I admit it, I already started working at it. Btw. this is one of the reasons why I still haven’t posted about the next step of my Craft with Racaire project #1 though I already have the pictures for it… *lol*

…btw. “the cream on top” for you – the customer allowed me to share the pictures of the progress with you – therefore, let us start with some pictures to give you a better “picture” of my new project/commission:

1st step:
I analyzed the embroidery technique based on detail photos of period extant embroidery – in this case I took a very close and long look at the photo of the 14th century French pouch I have.
2nd step:
First I made two “test” samples with this technique and thread on two different fabrics – you can see them on the picture underneath:
“Close up” pictures for the Advanced and Premium users among you:
Btw. both pictures were taken after 3.5 hours of work – please pay attention to the rather high density of the fabric on the picture above in relation to the lower density on the picture underneath and the effect on the embroidery.
This samples made it clear to me that I wanted to use the second fabric. Talking with my customer he told me that he doesn’t want any flowers on his pouch therefore and because I liked the embroidery sample with the flower, I just restarted the embroidery on the fabric. After all the embroidery projects I made so far 3.5h of work (even two times) are not really much time… *lol* …and my deadline is still very far away… 😀
And finally what you were waiting for – the first progress pictures of the embroidery for the commission – enjoy! 🙂
First the outlines:
…and finally here the first embroidery progress:
…and a special close-up for my Premium users as well as for my customer:
I hope you enjoyed the first photos of my project/ commission. 😀
Best regards Racaire