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14th century French Pouch .1 – sneak peek progress .15 – Endspurt! :)

Racaire 2013

End-spurt! 😀

…I am very happy to say that I nearly finished the basic embroidery for my 14th century French pouch.

Just a rather small section is still not embroidered but I hope to get the information I need to complete it soon.

Nevertheless, I enjoy this moment very much and would like to celebrate it with you by sharing some progress pictures – enjoy! 😀  

Racaire - 14th century French pouch commission - medieval embroidery

As you can see, the embroidery for the hood for the upper right section is still missing. Concerning this section and also concerning the outlines for the figures I am waiting for the decision of my customer concerning his preferred colors.

Btw. this embroidery does not only look very cosy, the Malabrigo “Baby Silkpaca lace” creates an awesome soft and smooth surface. I really have to resist touching it again and again.

…and here a close up of the bottom section for you:

Racaire - 14th century French pouch commission - medieval embroidery

…and a special treat for my Advanced and Premium users – this detail picture & the following text is just for you. 🙂

Racaire - 14th century French pouch commission - medieval embroidery

I have to say that I really love how the green accentuates the unicorn – but well, I love unicorns. Ok, I especially love dragons but unicorns are beautiful too! *lol*

I hope to get the information from my customer concerning his preferred outline colors soon. I would really like to see how the unicorn and the other figures look like with embroidered outlines.

Btw. do you see the small embroidered border at the bottom? This border is inspired by the extant piece on which I based this embroidery. At the extant pouch this part is also worked in a horizontal direction and in contrary to the direction of the main part of the embroidery. I really liked this small detail of the extant piece and therefore I used it to generate a “softer” transition at this point – the bottom of the pouch.

I know that you surely would like to know more about the extant piece and the embroidery technique I am using but I am still collecting information about it and not ready to post about it yet. The longer I work at it, the more questions arise and the more I have to look up at the pictures I have of this pouch as well as at similar pouches. Well, I still find more and more information and interesting details the longer I work at this project. Though I couldn’t find many pouches worked in this technique till now, the few pouches I could find which were worked in this technique and style are beautiful and amazing. I think you will enjoy my first posting about this technique as soon as I think that I have put together enough information for you.

Btw. I found another lovely extant pouch worked in this technique with a beautiful pattern. I think this would make a great project for us – as a pouch or even as a pillow…
Oh my, I have so many ideas for future projects. If you have special wishes or suggestions concerning projects you would like to craft with me, please don’t hesitate and leave a comment to let me know! 😀

Best regards Racaire