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14th century French Pouch .1 – sneak peek progress .17 – First embroidered section finished :)

Racaire 2013

I just finished one 14th century French pouch for the recent birthday raffle of my blog and still have my other 14th century French pouch waiting for some final embroidery and sewing….

Woooohoooo! Endspurt! …this final embroidery work is getting more and more finished. I am very happy to tell that I just finished the first section of the embroidery for the 14th century French pouch. 😀

…and again I have new photos of the recent progress for you. Enjoy! 😀 


I am glad to say that my customer made some decisions concerning the colors,…:

  1. A (light) blue for the hood “filling”
  2. Figures outlined according to the color of the section
  3. An extra small – ca. 1cm – section at the top for the lacing in the same color as for the hood
  4. The color for the silk for the backside of the pouch
  5. The material for the inside

That’s a good start though there are still some decisions to be made – but they can wait for now. My customer seems to enjoy it very much that he can influence the details for his pouch. I am very happy to support and to comply with his wishes. Well, I have to admit that I would have never chosen this color combination but I find it very appealing… This is a very nice experiment for me and an interesting experience…

Btw. here a nice detail shot for you of the finished blue hood.
According to the wishes of my customer I used the lightest blue wool-silk thread I had in my collection for the hood section and finished the outlines according to the color of the section:


Well, I love this embroidery, but I love medieval embroidery anyway.
…it is always great when a plan comes together, isn’t it?! 😀

Best regards Racaire

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