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Mission “Medieval Berlin”


I am so excited! I am going on a trip to Berlin!

My motto for this trip will be: Mission “Medieval Berlin”!

*gosch* 4 days filled with sightseeing, the zoo, “Checkpoint Charlie”,… – well, you know, all the “modern stuff” one can’t avoid when visiting Berlin. …and definitely as many museums and “ancient and medieval stuff” as possible! 😉 

Yes, I will search Berlin for anything medieval I can find. My friends who live in Berlin already warned me that they don’t know any museums or medieval collections they could recommend. This information inspires me even more to search for even the smallest traces of extant medieval pieces in Berlin.

Just 4 hours left till the journey begins – I really hope to find at least some nice medieval things on display in the museums and I will take as many photos as possible. I am very looking forward to sharing new photos and informations with you as soon as I am back again.

…and last but not least – a photo of todays embroidery progress:


I wish you some lovely and relaxed days and a beautiful weekend. I will be back on sunday and hope that I can tell you more about my success of Mission “Medieval Berlin” not later than monday. Please keep your fingers crossed that I find the medieval collections and that they are not closed for maintenance or whatever… 😀

Best regards Racaire