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Mission “Medieval Berlin” accomplished :D


I am back again! …and I am very happy to say that I accomplished my “Mission Medieval Berlin”! *happydance* 😀

I had a rather long “wish-list” of museums which I wanted to visit. Therefore my time schedule for Berlin was very tight.
4 very long days filled with a lot of walking and yes, my feet still hurt! But there is just one word to describe my trip: Awesome!

I was very busy in Berlin. I visited 7 museums and the zoo & aquarium. I also saw “Checkpoint Charlie”, the “Brandenburger Tor”,… just to name a few places. I even found time to meet two friends who live in Berlin. We spend a wonderful time together.

My mission “Medieval Berlin” was a full success. I took about 6.000 photos in this 4 days!
Most of this photos were taken at the local museums and many of them are of extant medieval pieces on display! I am especially excited about the photos I took of the extant pieces of lovely medieval embroidery… 😀

…and I even took some nice photos of Berlin too. It will take some time to go through all this photos. I am very looking forward to showing you some of the highlights and to tell you more about the interesting museum catalogues I found.

I haven’t checked the photos on my computer yet and I also don’t want to spoil the surprise but I think that I can tell you that I found two awesome embroidered pieces I only knew from pictures from my books and the internet till now…

The light was awful dark but I did my best to take good photos of a lovely “Mitra” and an awesome wallhanging fragment I found on display at the Bode museum. The “Mitra” from the “Mindener Domschatz” is from the first half of the 15th century and shows some lovely pearl embroidery as well as other interesting details. The wallhanging fragment is also very interesting, maybe even more interesting than the “Mitra” because it is a rare but lovely example of 12th century German silk embroidery.

I promise to do my best to go through my photos as soon as possible and to post more about my Berlin adventure soon. 🙂

Best regards Racaire