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…bees wax for sewing – my self-made bees wax beauties for sewing… :D

...bees wax for sewing - my self-made bees wax beauties...

…and finally another U.F.O.* finished! *happydance* (*= UnFinished Object)

Two years ago I got some raw bees wax from a friend of mine in the states. He was so nice to share some of his raw bees wax with me because I was starting to run out of bees wax for sewing.

Already one year ago I managed to clear the bees wax. Due to all my other projects I didn’t get to work any further with it till now. Currently my “old” and rather small piece of bees wax for sewing “died” – it became unusable. That was like a “wake up call”. Especially when I was holding the cleared wax in my hands while I was packing more of my belongings for my move to the states. That was the moment when I decided to finally turn the cleared bees wax, which I already had, into small bees wax beauties for sewing… 😀

And well, I have great news for you – though some of this bees wax beauties are reserved for me, I will add some of them to my largesse fund…

And now some details for you:

I have no photos of the clearing process of the raw bees wax for you but the process was per se very easy. After doing some research on the internet I finally decided to try the easiest version concerning clearing bees wax which I found online.

I slowly melted the wax in water until it completely dissolved (please don’t use your favorite or expensive pots for this). Raising the temperature carefully, some of the black junks already fell off by themselves. Raising the temperature even more and getting the water to simmer, I could get more of it to come off from the liquid wax.

Then I let it cool down. As soon as the wax was solid again, I took the wax out of the pot and spilled out the used water. Then I cleaned the pot as good as possible from the junk at the bottom and started again with new water… I did this several times until the wax already looked nice but but there were still some small junks in it I couldn’t get rid off.

Doing some more research on the internet I found some nice hints concerning this matter and the solution for my problem was very easy – a fine tights/pantyhose. Therefore I heated up the wax in the water again and poured the mix through the fine tights/pantyhose – I did this several times until I was pleased with the result…

Well, that was about 1 year ago. Recently I found nice heart and bear shaped silicon forms for ice cubes and thought I should give it a try instead looking further at the U.F.O. … *lol*
…and I have to say – this last step was the most easiest step of all.

I put the wax into a small metal pot and this small pot into a water bath in a bigger pot and dissolved the wax slowly… then just poured the wax slowly and carefully into my silicon forms and left them alone for some time.

…and this is what I got out of my forms today:

…and I am sooooo excited! They are so pretty, aren’t they… 😀

Best regards Racaire