…bees wax for sewing – my self-made bees wax beauties for sewing… :D

...bees wax for sewing - my self-made bees wax beauties...

…and finally another U.F.O.* finished! *happydance* (*= UnFinished Object)

Two years ago I got some raw bees wax from a friend of mine in the states. He was so nice to share some of his raw bees wax with me because I was starting to run out of bees wax for sewing.

Already one year ago I managed to clear the bees wax. Due to all my other projects I didn’t get to work any further with it till now. Currently my “old” and rather small piece of bees wax for sewing “died” – it became unusable. That was like a “wake up call”. Especially when I was holding the cleared wax in my hands while I was packing more of my belongings for my move to the states. That was the moment when I decided to finally turn the cleared bees wax, which I already had, into small bees wax beauties for sewing… 😀

And well, I have great news for you – though some of this bees wax beauties are reserved for me, I will add some of them to my largesse fund…

And now some details for you:

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