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12th century embroidery – Saint Michael and the Dragon – sneak peek.8

12th century embroidery – Saint Michael and the Dragon – sneak peek.8*Wow* I already spent about 60 hours embroidering at my “12th century embroidery – Saint Michael and the Dragon“.

I am very glad to say that about one third of the embroidery is already finished by now.

Though this medieval embroidery technique is rather slow, I am really happy about the achieved progress. It seems to me that the longer I am working at this project, the faster I get. However, working at this embroidery is a great fun for me and I still consider this a fun project. 😀

…and here are some new progress pictures for you – enjoy! 😀


…and again new close-up pictures of my embroidery for my Advanced and Premium members:


Above you can see the progress I made concerning the tail of the dragon. This time I tried to work in a little bit of white to give the tail more detail and playfulness. 😀

At the picture underneath a look at the corner with the head of the dragon. Can you see the slightly Split stitch curve at the cheek of the dragon? …I thought the head of the dragon would look more tridimensional this way… 🙂


…and I also started working at the feet of the dragon. I decided to go for purple and red for the feet because this colors will really pop out against the yellow background of the first band of the border. 😀


Best regards Racaire

PS.: If you would like to read more about the period 12th century inspiration for the design, embroidery technique,… then please read my first posting about this project:
12th century embroidery – Saint Michael and the Dragon