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More Klosterstich embroidery for needle books – sneak peek .4

2014 Racaire embroidery for needle books - medieval embroidery technique - Klosterstich - hand embroidery…and after all the small patches for my new needle books showing flowers done in Klosterstich technique, I again have a 14th century inspired fleur-de-lis Klosterstich embroidery for you.

With all this small embroidered patches lying before me, I really think that I should go on and transform them into some nice needle books now. They will be a beautiful addition for my “Travel & Largesse Fund”.

My pile of U.F.O.s* is already big enough and doesn’t need any further addition. Therefore – where are my leftover wool fabrics, threads and needles?! *lol* 😉

But first things first – here a picture of my most recent fleur-de-lis in Klosterstich embroidery for you and some additional progress pictures – enjoy! 😀


Yes, one can say that I really like this 14th century fleur-de-lis form. It is such an easy but also lovely pattern and I think you might get to see it again from time to time. 🙂

I thought you might also enjoy some progress pictures, therefore I added the following two pictures for you. They will give you a better idea of the size of the embroidered patches and how the Klosterstich looks while I am working at it:


You might wonder why I am working with such a small piece of linen/cotton blend fabric. Well, I had this nice but rather small leftover piece of yellow fabric which works great with the Klosterstich technique and the Malabrigo thread which I am using at the moment. Therefore I decided to do my best to turn it into some useful embroidery rather than throwing it away. 🙂


Btw. can you see how much difference the red outline for the white flower at the bottom left corner makes? I really think that the red color takes the flower embroidery from “boring” to “interesting” in just some minutes. *lol* This is one of the reasons why I love playing around with “interesting” color mixes… 😉

…and now I am away working at my new needle books with Klosterstich embroidery for my “Travel & Largesse Fund” – I will take photos, I promise… 😉

Best regards Racaire

U.F.O.s* = UnFinished Objects 😉