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…working at another small embroidered box – sneak peek at the top embroidery…

...working at another small embroidered box - sneak peek at the top embroidery... - medieval embroidery projectToday I was working at the text for the next FAQ posting about embroidery materials. Unfortunately it takes much longer to put this new posting together than I first expected and it is still far from being complete… *sigh*

…and in already less then 2 hours my sweetheart and some good friends are kidnapping me to the SCA event “Tourney of the Foxes”.

Ok, the new posting isn’t finished yet and I should start preparing myself for a weekend event. But, well, I didn’t want to leave to “Foxes” without at least another posting for you with which you can start into your well-earned weekend. 🙂

…and here it is – another small embroidery worked in the same technique as the 14th century French pouch – enjoy! 😀


The pattern is inspired by a beautifully embroidered pouch from the 14th century – as soon as I find the book in my boxes and continue with this project I will tell you more about it. I hope you like it. 😀

Btw. this small embroidery is just the first part of another small “reliquary box” project. As soon as I have some time to work at the second part of this project – the embroidery which covers the outside of the main body of the box, this small embroidery will become the lid of the “reliquary box”. 🙂

Ok, more about it soon. My camera is ready, my camera batteries are fully charged and I am looking forward to take many photos at the event. I wish you a beautiful weekend!

Best regards Racaire