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Another needle book with Klosterstich embroidery .4

Racaire - medieval rose - Klosterstich - medieval embroidery - cloister stitch - hand embroidery…and besides all the work at the house, I managed to finish another needle book with Klosterstich embroidery for my Travel & Largesse Fund. 🙂

Already for several days now I am busy working at my very first own sewing & crafting room as well as the adjacent rooms.

Though it seems to take forever, it somehow pleases me to see the progress. It feels like the house is becoming more and more my/our home. 🙂

It is so exciting and I just can’t repeat it often enough – I will have a sewing & crafting room! My very first own one! *happydance* I really can’t wait to finish it. 😀

…but there is still a lot to do before my new sewing & crafting room is finished, therefore I have again a small hand embroidered Klosterstich needle book for you with a 14th century inspired rose. Enjoy! 😀


…and some of you might remember the close up picture of this embroidery which I posted some time ago:


Again the picture above shows the Klosterstich patch before it was cut out and applied to the the needle book. I used Klosterstich to fill in/cover the sections and Stem Stitch for the outlines.

Now, that all hand embroidered Klosterstich patches are actually turned into needle books, I can start with my Klosterstich hands-on tutorial. The frame is “armed” and I am looking for a nice pattern… 😀

Best regards Racaire