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My very first “tree of life” and a “tree of love”… ;)

Learning new things is really a lot of fun, especially when you are in good company!
And last weekend I not only had the pleasure of my sister Noel visiting me, we also had a great time while she was showing me how to make a “tree of life”. Taking a look at my very first “tree of life”, you can see that she was very successful in teaching me how to make them. 😀

Racaire - my very first tree of lifeAt the picture above you can see Noel’s tree of life on the left and my very first own tree of life on the right. I really love how my finished tree looks like – I am definitely going to keep and to wear it! 😀

…and because we were in a good mood and still had some time left, I made even another tree of life:

Racaire - my second tree of life - a tree of love

…or as I call it – a “tree of love”. *giggle*

Well, I know, I am 35 years old but still love hearts as well as other cute things. I just can’t help it but I love hearts… and flowers… and fleur-de-lis… and cats… and teddies… *lol*

Best regards Racaire