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Springtime in Kentucky

Racaire-2014-first-baseball-game_01During the last days I experienced a beautiful outlook on springtime in Kentucky, which keeps me longing for more. Some great warm days filled with lovely sunshine made me nearly forget the great amount of snow that just melted away.

Though the temperatures dropped again and the forecast for the next days shows a lot of rain moving towards us, I feel somehow released that the winter is finally over and the spring has already begun.

My sweetheart and I used the last days for some garden work – pruned the lilac (German: Flieder) and a tree in the backyard, put up a small bird feeder and started our vegetable and herb garden inside with the help of three small greenhouses. I really can’t wait to get the two small berry bushes into the ground we bought last week but we haven’t decided about their final destination yet.

And besides all the garden work I also had a nice adventure with my awesome sister Noel. She stopped by for a visit and took me out for a walk around a nearby lake. And I took my camera with me and captured the following impressions of springtime in Kentucky for you. Enjoy! 😀














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And I not only went for a walk, worked in the garden and got a small sun burn on my shoulders, I also made some progress concerning my 12th century wedding dress neckline. A posting about the new neckline progress with photos will follow tomorrow.

Please keep your fingers crossed for more days with lovely spring weather for all of us – barbecue with my sweetheart is so much more fun when the weather is nice… 🙂

Best regards Racaire