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Posting about medieval embroidery for already 9 years ! Happy 9th birthday to me! :D

Happy birthday to me &
my blog “Racaire’s Embroidery & Needlework”!
9 years filled with medieval embroidery! 😀

Posting about medieval embroidery for already 9 years ! Happy 9th birthday to me! :D

*gosch* …can you imagine it? I am already posting for 9 years about my embroidery and sewing projects.

12th century slit neckline with surface couching - Racaire's medieval embroidery

I think it is amazing – 9 long years filled with many medieval embroidery projects and medieval embroidery techniques like Klosterstich (cloister stitch), Refilsaum (Bayeux Stitch), German Brick Stitch, Surface Couching, Russian Pearl embroidery,… just to name a few.

Btw. you can see a small part of my surface couching embroidery for my 12th century bliaut slit neckline on the right side. On the picture underneath you can see the final result of the first “Craft with Racaire” project – a needle-roll worked in German Brick Stitch.

Craft with Racaire - German Brick Stitch - needle-roll - Project #1 - medieval embroidery…and yes, I think I am going to add many more years filled with medieval embroidery and medieval embroidery projects in the future. During the last years I found a lot of inspiration for medieval embroidery in books, on museum websites and on display in museums. All this inspiration will keep me busy for at least several years.

I am very looking forward to keep on sharing my love and joy for medieval embroidery also in the future. I will keep on posting new progress pictures of my work and embroidery as often as possible. And I am glad to say that even more project and technique tutorials as well as many in-depth postings about special techniques are planned for the future… 😀

Racaire - Klosterstich - medieval embroidery

…and as you might have noticed, I recently added one more “new” medieval embroidery technique to my medieval embroidery repertoire. 😀

Speaking about this “new” medieval embroidery technique – the pouch on the picture on the top is worked in this technique and will be raffled off between my members this evening…

Best regards Racaire

PS.: You can find the other postings with progress pictures of the pouch in my Category: 14th century Pouch for 9th Blog-Birthday.