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12th century dress for the “12th century wedding clothing project” – sneak peek .6 – working at the keyhole neckline

2015-03-12 - Racaire - 12th century dress - keyhole neckline - 12th century wedding clothing project - keyhole necklineAnd again new news and progress pictures concerning my 12th century wedding clothing project! During the last two days I picked up my 12th century wedding dress again and continued the hand sewing of my keyhole neckline. 😀

The hand sewing part of the keyhole neckline seems to be the most difficult step of this dress project – at least for me. While working at a keyhole neckline I always tend to worry that I might mess up the keyhole neckline somehow – despite all the previous keyhole necklines I successfully completed during the last years. But I guess it is what it is – everyone of us has to fight this battles from time to time…

…but as every battle has to finally find an end, I decided that I looked far too long at this miserable fabric heap. It was definitely time for some action! And well, I needed some distraction to think about the pattern for my next step-by-step “surface couching” tutorial.
I can’t help it but my brain seems to work best when I keep my hands busy… 😉

However, let’s take a look at the new progress I just made since my last posting about my 12th century keyhole neckline – enjoy! 😀


The measuring and pinning of the round part took nearly forever. Therefore I am very glad to say that I finally finished it. I already sewed the top part of the yellow silk fabric with tiny stitches to the blue silk of the dress. And last but not least I also found some time to flatten the fabric along the border by adding a line of small running stitches next to the newly created fabric border.

But as you can see at the picture above, the bottom of my keyhole neckline is still unfinished. I haven’t decided about the angle of the bottom part yet therefore I left this part unpinned, uncut and un-sewed. Once this decision is made I will be able to finish the bottom part in nearly no time. 🙂 

And here two more progress pictures of my keyhole neckline to give you a better impression of the latest hand sewing progress:



I hope you enjoy the new keyhole neckline progress pictures of my 12th century dress. And now I can’t wait to finish the keyhole neckline and to start working at the sleeves – finishing the sleeves will give me much less head ache as the keyhole neckline part did… *lol*

Best regards Racaire