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A new cute and fluffy little helper in my life – my cat Alice <3

2015-07_Racaire_my-cat_Alice_3Well, I already posted some photos of my cat Alice – the most recent addition to our family – on facebook. But now I’d like to make it a little bit more official by posting it on my blog:

My husband surprised me with a cute kitten!

*omg* Alice is so adorable, isn’t she… *sigh* I just can’t get enough of snuggling her… 😀

…and it all started with some pictures of cute kittens taken by my aunt at the animal shelter in Morgantown. 🙂

I admit it – I immediately fell in love with one of the kittens she photographed. But as we already shared our home with two animals – our dog Honeybear & our cat Fluffy – I thought that adding another animal to our home wouldn’t be possible. Nevertheless I decided to show my husband the picture of this adorable kitten and then I tried to let it go… Sure, I was a little bit heartbroken but on the other side I also tried to be a responsible pet owner.

Life went on like usual – the usual house chores, karaoke with dad and my husbands nephew… And then my sweetheart told me that we had to take another way home because we had to visit someone special in Morgantown and I admit it – I had not the slightest idea who this special person could be… *lol*

…until we got to Morgantown and I got through the door – there she was – my little cute little Alice!

And then he confessed it – after I showed him the picture of the cat, my sneaky sweetheart arranged with my aunt to pick Alice up at the animal shelter. She was so nice to take care of her until we could pick her up. I really didn’t expect it but all the more I really loved this pleasant surprise. And Alice is even more adorable as the picture of her let me imagine – a purring snuggle-machine… ok, well, unless she is in play-mode… *lol*

…and here the most recent pictures of my cat – my dear Alice – enjoy! 😀




Yeah, being my cat is indeed a hard life – especially when you are not allowed to play with my threads… *lol* 😉

Best regards Racaire

P.S.: You can find more pictures of my cat Alice here:

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PPS.: …if you feel like there is an empty spot in your heart and your home which could be filled with the love of an animal – please consider to visit your local animal shelter! There are always animals which would love to enrich your life and family! 🙂