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Sneak peek at my next embroidery project – a 14th century inspired pattern worked in surface couching .5

2015-06 - Racaire - 14th century project - surface couching…and finally, after adding another endless amount of small stitches, I am very happy to announce that I just finished the main framework embroidery of my 14th century inspired pattern. *happydance*

Well, I guess it’s kinda obvious and I admit it – working at the details is so much more fun than working at the basic pattern. But a good medieval embroidery needs a good basic framework… 🙂

…and there is definitely no better treat than working at some details after struggling through the quite boring basic pattern part. Not that I really struggle with my embroidery – I just love medieval embroidery too much to not have fun working at it. But – without doubt – even I have my favorite work steps when it comes to embroidering certain embroidery patterns…

But let’s take a look at the finished basic framework of my 14th century inspired Surface Couching pattern – enjoy! 😀

2015-06_Racaire_14th- century_surface-couching-project_sneak-peek_03-1

…and here a look at the Surface Couching embroidery from another angle:

2015-06_Racaire_14th- century_surface-couching-project_sneak-peek_03-2…and here a close up picture of the middle part of the Surface Couching embroidery for you:

2015-06_Racaire_14th- century_surface-couching-project_sneak-peek_03-detailIt is really nice to see when an idea slowly comes to life. I actually never really know how an embroidery will finally turn out until I decide to do the last stitches.

Sometimes it seems to me like some designers/embroiderers have a definitive picture on their mind for their finished projects/products – unfortunately I don’t have this nice ability. Therefore I prefer to work with a rudimental idea and to develop and change it while I work… 🙂 

…and once again I am very excited of how my basic idea for this embroidery seems to work out very nicely. I am very happy with the progress of my 14th century inspired Surface Couching embroidery so far! 🙂

Best regards Racaire