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SCA Heavy Fighting – starting a more serious approach to get me back in armor & fighting again…

2015-10-08_13_02_59_RacaireWell, for all of those of you who wonder about this posting – yes, I also engage in SCA heavy fighting. Or, well, to be more exact: I occasionally did some SCA heavy fighting in the past and after a quite long break I would like to start with it again. 🙂

I actually started with SCA heavy fighting already several years ago in Vienna. One beautiful sunny afternoon, after enjoying several hours of inline skating along the Danube bank, I decided that it would be nice to stop by at the regional fighter practice on my way home. As the fighting members and the people interested into Arts & Science mostly went different ways in their activities, it seemed like a good idea to show my support to the local fighters by visiting their fighter practice.

After reaching the fighter practice, I took some time to watch the heavy fighters and found it quite interesting. During a chat with one of the fighters I expressed my interest and was offered to try it myself. Well, you know, I like challenges and just thought – why not?! And the guys put me into some loaner armor… What shall I say, I had quite a blast at this fighter practice. 😀

…and now, several years later and being married to another active SCA member who also engages into SCA heavy fighting, I would like to get back into it again. Well, whom am I kidding – my sweetheart LOVES heavy fighting! *lol* Well, I admit it, I was already talking about putting my own armor together and getting back into SCA heavy fighting for at least 4 years and especially during the last months and still haven’t really done anything yet. *blush*

But the times have changed! It seems like my husband finally got tired of my complaints about not having fitting armor as he started to kick my lazy a** to get my armor together! Finally! It’s about time, isn’t it! *lol* And, well, not that we haven’t done nothing so far – my husband, Conrad, already gave me some heavy fighting lessons during the last weeks and showed me some new movements and shots.

But it seems like this week we are finally getting serious – we decided to hit the gym again for regular weight and swim work out (my body still aches from yesterdays weight training) and I already have some nice thick cotton fabric with a lovely (and unfortunately far too late) print for a fitted cotehardie at home. Soon I should get some padding for the cotehardie project too and then I can start sewing it together and fitting it to my curvy body… Yeah, another interesting adventure for my project list – one of many fighting related projects to come…

We already have knee and elbow caps for me, a great female groin protection – by courtesy of my dear friend Mike Molton, wrist protection, a shield basket,… and my very first own cool helmet – by courtesy of my friend Wiglaf:

2015-10 Racaire - SCA heavy fighting - helmet - SCA

My sweetheart – with a little bit help from my side – just managed to get all of the remaining rust off and oiled it – looks pretty badass, doesn’t it! 😉


Whatever you say about it – I love it! This helmet has indeed seen some serious fights! 😀

After all this time I think that I am finally really on the way to get back into SCA heavy fighting. A good beginning is already made and I just need to put all the parts together and sew a little… Well, I admit it, the combination of SCA heavy fighting and sewing might seem odd… but you will see… 😉

Best regards Racaire