SCA Heavy Fighting – starting a more serious approach to get me back in armor & fighting again…

2015-10-08_13_02_59_RacaireWell, for all of those of you who wonder about this posting – yes, I also engage in SCA heavy fighting. Or, well, to be more exact: I occasionally did some SCA heavy fighting in the past and after a quite long break I would like to start with it again. 🙂

I actually started with SCA heavy fighting already several years ago in Vienna. One beautiful sunny afternoon, after enjoying several hours of inline skating along the Danube bank, I decided that it would be nice to stop by at the regional fighter practice on my way home. As the fighting members and the people interested into Arts & Science mostly went different ways in their activities, it seemed like a good idea to show my support to the local fighters by visiting their fighter practice.
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