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Racaire… events, events, events and mundane life… working on my GED… :D

Racaire-2014-first-baseball-game_01Wow! What a week! Or well, to be more exact, what amazing but also a little bit stressful weeks we just had. There were three great events in a row which neither my husband nor I wanted to miss. And we ended up going to all of them.

After the first event I actually forgot to unpack my clean cloths and just used the already packed bag for the next event. Yeah, that happens when a girl just can’t decide what to wear on the weekend and has a certain system to organize the clean clothing in one bag and all laundry in the her husbands bag after the event… Yeah, I am doing that too long, I know… My crazy already has a very special system behind it… 😉

And though it was quite demanding for us and we were really urging for a free weekend, Fighters Collegium, Bacon Bash and Coronation were soo amazing that they really made up for lot of the stress. However, I can’t tell you how great it was to finally get a weekend “off” before the next event – Silver Hammer – is upon us. And knowing how cold and wet it can get at Silver Hammer, my sweetheart did his best to keep me warm this time by getting me some thermo-underwear today. Yes, I am really that frozen… 😉

However, this three weekends still appear like a vacation when I think about this very last week. If I had to name this week, it would definitely get the title “Surprise, surprise!” *lol*
I went to the “Adult Education Center” to get some information about the GED testing and took some assessment tests… This was on Tuesday and it led to more assessment tests and finally the pre-tests for the GED during the following days. The daily tests since Tuesday kinda sucked my brain dry and left me exhausted but I can’t tell you how excited I am about the positive results. And I am especially happy about the fact that I am already scheduled for my final GED tests starting next week…

Well, yes, you can say that this development really took my husband and me by surprise as neither one of us expected an outcome like this. And though the next two weeks will be quite rough for me because of the GED testing, I am also a little bit looking forward to it – one little step after another… 🙂

And though I was quite busy with the assessment tests and the pre-tests for my GED, I also managed to work on some embroidery. Furthermore my dear mother-in-law also took a beautiful snap shot of my new embroidered 12th century fillet at Coronation – with her help I now also have some nice photos of the finished filet which I can share with you…

…yeah, just a shorts heads up that I am still alive – I was just tremendously busy with mundane life recently. However, I’ll do my best to post some embroidery pictures soon…

Best regards Racaire