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Glaedenfeld’s Iris Faire 2017 – The Crumbs of War – photos are online… :D

Wooohoooo! My photos taken at the most recent SCA event

Glaedenfeld‘s Iris Faire 2017 – The Crumbs of War”

are online! 😀

2017-04 - Racaire - photos - Glaedenfeld's Iris Faire 2017 - The Crumbs of War - SCAGlaedenfeld‘s Iris Faire has always been a great SCA event. And also this year my husband and I enjoyed ourselves tremendously. He participated in a lot of good heavy fighting on this day and he even won one of the tournaments. 🙂

I had an awesome time too. I got to hang out and chat with a lot of friends and even tried to help out as field herald for the rapier tournament. Well, it was definitely not a perfect performance but given that it was my very first time, everyone was very patient with me. 🙂

…and then, whenever I was not busy, I took some photos. You can find them all here on facebook:

SCA – Kingdom of Meridies – Glaedenfeld’s Iris Faire 2017

Enjoy! 😀Best regards Racaire