…and playing around with wire – some new trees of life :)

2016-12 - Racaire - wire projects - trees of life - tree of life - largesse - small gifts Woohoo! Just a few days are left till christmas! 😀

But before I show you what I made for my husband, I’d like to share with you some cute little wire projects at which I was working during the last days. Yeah, I was playing around with wire again and made some new trees of life…

But don’t worry, I didn’t give up embroidery. The skin on my hands just got a little bit rough due to cold weather and work which prohibits me from working with my fine silk thread. However, I got some good, nurturing hand cream and hope that the skin of my hands will be nice and smooth again in no time. 🙂

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…and more “trees of life” and some wire jewelry… :)

I have some additions on my mind for the 14th century inspired fitted medieval stockings tutorial which I posted yesterday but first I would like to catch up some of the small projects I was working on recently. My sister Noel did an awesome job concerning raising my interest for wire jewelry and “trees of life”. And once I made my very first two “trees of life“, I just couldn’t stop anymore…

Racaire 2014 - trees of life - christmas trees - wire jewelry

As you can see on the picture above, I made two little “christmas trees of life” next. 😉

I just wanted to know if I am also capable of making something else besides normal “trees of life” and hearts…. and well, christmas is really fast approaching. *lol* I think they don’t look bad for someone who has nearly no practice in creating things like this. *giggle*

…and I also made another “tree of love”, as I call them – I just couldn’t resist. 🙂

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