My SCA scrolls and calligraphy for “Not So Grand 8” :D

My SCA scrolls and calligraphy for "Not So Grand 8"

*Woooohoooo* It is monday! That means that the weekend and also the SCA event “Not So Grand 8” are over and I can show you my scrolls and my calligraphy for the event… 😀

I didn’t get to practice my “Bastarda” – my preferred calligraphy hand – very often during the last months therefore I very appreciated this small “scroll commission” of my lord. This is always a great opportunity for me to get creative and to play around. I had a lot of fun working at this scrolls. 😀

I made two scrolls on “Pergamenata” for the winner of the fighting and the winner of the A&S and 3 “Thank you scrolls” for helping at the event. My sweetheart informed me about the recipients of the scrolls: Hrothgar won the fighting, Willielmus won A&S and my “Thank you scrolls” went to Gue’rert de Verrene, Werner von Seitz, and Ruth Alvey – I am sure they are well deserved. Congratulations!

…and now some photos of my scrolls and calligraphy for you – enjoy! 😀

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My new scrolls arrived in Meridies :)

Racaire SCA scroll-2012Wooohooo! I got great news from my sweetheart – my scrolls arrived in time in the SCA “Kingdom of Meridies”.

They are for the upcoming SCA event “Not So Grand 8” this weekend. Yeah, just some more days and hopefully the last “Not So Grand” event without me…

Btw. after this weekend I have the permission to show you the scrolls… 😀

Best regards Racaire

Surprise surprise… my new SCA scrolls go to…

…the Kingdom of Meridies! 😀

Racaire SCA scroll-2012I am just back from the post office.

The SCA scrolls at which I was working yesterday evening are already on their way to the SCA “Kingdom of Meridies”.

Well, I promised to keep the details secret and won’t show you photos of them until after the event but I am allowed to tell you following:
They are for the upcoming SCA event “Not So Grand 8“.

Best regards Racaire