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Another needle book with Klosterstich embroidery .1

Racaire 2014 - another needle book with Klosterstich embroidery - hand embroidery - medieval embroidery - cloister stitch embroidery techniqueI am very glad to say that I just finished another new needle book with Klosterstich embroidery. 🙂

You remember my sneak peeks at my most recent Klosterstich embroidery? Well, I already turned one of this small patches with Klosterstich embroidery and some leftover wool fabric into a new needle book.

This new needle book looks really cute. It is definitely a great addition to my Travel & Largesse Fund.

…and now  – enjoy the pictures of my new needle book with Klosterstich embroidery! 😀


Well, you really don’t need many fancy techniques to create a lovely hand made gift.
I think this small needle book is a really good example how several simple techniques can beautifully enframe an embroidery. Regardless if you use an embroidered patch executed in Klosterstich embroidery, like I did in this case, or another technique like applique, surface couching, Bayeux stitch,…

And here another picture of the same needle book – just taken at another angle:


Ok, 1 needle book finished and 3 patches with Klosterstich embroidery are still waiting to be turned into needle books. I really can’t wait to finish the next needle book with Klosterstich embroidery… 🙂

Best regards Racaire