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Racaire married her American crusader… :D

Maybe you already heard the rumors and yes, they are true – Racaire finally married her American crusader. 😀

Racaire 2014 first baseball game

It took several months and steps but finally things are coming together. The visa process took rather long as well as preparing my stuff for the move to America. But finally I can see a light at the horizon.

Some time ago I said good bye to Vienna, which was my hometown for nearly my whole life, and made my first steps in my new homeland – Kentucky in the United States in America. For the SCAdians among you: I moved from the kingdom of Drachenwald to the kingdom of Merdies.

Racaire 2014 first baseball game

And this weekend our connection was sealed with the simple words “I do” and the exchange of rings. This step didn’t take as long as the other steps in our process but it was definitely the most important one for us.

It still amazes me how our love started and how we got through the 20 months the visa process took. But well, everyone who knows me, knows that I am not frightened of new adventures and that a challenge doesn’t scare me off… 😉

…and now a personal selection of my favorite photos of the wedding:


After all the costs for the visa, the move and everything else, we decided to have a simple  and rather small wedding in the backyard of my sweethearts dad. Just the closest friends and family, hamburgers, hot dogs and some really great potluck dishes our guest brought to the wedding. Well, nothing special but perfect for both of us – we enjoyed this day tremendously.


It was so cute – the youngest son of my sister Noel gave me away to my future husband. During the words, which our friend Tony spoke for our ceremony, I really had to fight to not shed some tears – the text my love wrote for the wedding ceremony were just too touching.


I really can’t describe my feelings during the ceremony but I can definitely say that I was happy, deeply moved and also relieved – all at once. *lol* I guess some of you know what I mean. 🙂

And the part with the cake was very funny. You wonder why I am madly laughing at the picture underneath? Well… *giggle*


…when he took the knife and placed my hand on his hand which was holding the knife, I was very amused. I leaned forward and whispered into his ear: “You know what that means?” and he replied: “No, what does that mean?”. “Well, in Europe that means that I wear the trousers in our relationship.” was my answer. Immediately he removed my hand from his hand, took his hand off the knife and placed my hand on the knife and his hand upon mine. The look in his eyes was just too funny. *LOL*


When he took a part of the cake to feed me I knew that he was plotting something, therefore I was very suspicious. Well, it took some moments until I let him feed me and then – suddenly – the cake attack came and took me by surprise. In this moment he got me completely off guard but I assure you, he got his share too. 😉
*lol* What shall I say, we really had a blast. 😀


A beautiful day and one more important step accomplished towards my future with my sweetheart in this country. I really enjoy the beautiful ambience of Kentucky and being reunited with my SCA friends and family in the USA. Slowly I am settling in and get accustomed to the “odd” American habits. 😉

And today I got a great information from the moving company – my goods passed customs at record speed and should arrive on friday. Yes, on friday I will get my boxes with all my books, threads, fabrics, embroidery frames,… back. The oversea move was complicated enough and took rather long – after getting this great message I feel very relieved.

Well, I think this was enough about “Racaire and Conrad’s legal wedding” – our wedding for our “mundane” family and required for my legal immigration. We still plan our “12th century SCA wedding” for Gulf Wars 2015. For those of you who are not SCA-members – Gulf Wars is a huge SCA event in Mississippi / USA in March. I hope to see some of you there. 😀

Last but not least I want to thank Gloria, my awesome mother-in-law, and my new auntie Sandra for taking these beautiful photos at my very special day. Thank you very much!
And now I need to prepare my next posting about embroidery… 🙂

Best regards Racaire