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Needle made lace rings – a new try after years – and what it has to do with the 13th century :D

I really wasn’t sure if I am still able to create needle made lace rings after so many years. But during the last days I gave it a try and am very happy to report that I can still make them. My fingers are a little bit “rust in” when it comes to needle made lace, but I am happy that the knowledge is still there. And it is a great fun to create this rings… 😀

2014-10 - Racaire - needle made lace ring - needle lace ring - cotton thread

I haven’t thought about needle made lace for a long time now. This changed completely when my sister Noel visited me recently and we started talking about possible future projects. She saw the needle made lace ring I made years ago and asked me: “Can you still do them?”….

Well, that was a very good question. In the first moment I really wasn’t sure if I can still make them. I haven’t practiced needle made lace for such a long time but now I was curious myself and decided to sit down and give it a try. It took some time to get into it again but the result looks really nice, doesn’t it? 🙂

And I also have a more detailed photo of the needle made lace ring for you as well as some information about it’s relation to the 13th century – enjoy! 😀


The needle made lace techniques which I used for this ring are very basic but also very effective. The pink is mostly worked in simple buttonhole stitch and the green leaves as well as the ring part include some simple “weaving” techniques of needle lace.

And now the information you are waiting for:

In which way is this ring related to the 13th century?

Actually the technique which I used so playfully for the flower petals is nearly the same one which I used for the “button loops/closings” on my 12th century white silk underdress neckline. This “button loops/closings” were inspired by “loops” located at a neckline of an extant underdress garment from the 13th century.

And here a picture of the “button loops/closings” on my 12th century underdress trapunto neckline to give you an idea of what I mean:


I think that this needle made lace rings are a great, fun and very playful possibility to practice buttonhole stitches. The next time I make a ring I will try to take some photos of the basic steps and techniques for you. Then, with help of a small fun tutorial, you can make one or more rings for yourself and practice your buttonhole stitch. Well, you know, christmas is coming up soon too and one can never have too many presents… 😉

Now, after all the needle made lace fun, back to my posting about my fitted and hand sewn 14th century stockings… 😀

Best regards Racaire