Needle made lace rings – a new try after years – and what it has to do with the 13th century :D

I really wasn’t sure if I am still able to create needle made lace rings after so many years. But during the last days I gave it a try and am very happy to report that I can still make them. My fingers are a little bit “rust in” when it comes to needle made lace, but I am happy that the knowledge is still there. And it is a great fun to create this rings… 😀

2014-10 - Racaire - needle made lace ring - needle lace ring - cotton thread

I haven’t thought about needle made lace for a long time now. This changed completely when my sister Noel visited me recently and we started talking about possible future projects. She saw the needle made lace ring I made years ago and asked me: “Can you still do them?”….

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