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male 13th century tunic for the “12th century wedding clothing project” .7 – more sleeve embroidery – embroidered bears & comets :D

2015-01 Racaire 13th century tunic embroidery - sleeve embroidery for 12th century wedding clothingSince the last posting concerning the sleeve embroidery for the 13th century tunic, I spent even more hours busy working at my husbands 13th century under tunic.
And I am very glad to say that I made great progress concerning the embroidery. 😀

I added two embroidered bears and comets to the sleeves. The bears stand for the “Legion of the Bear“/”Legio Ursi”  SCA award and the comets for the Argent Comet” SCA award.

Wooohooo! *happydance* Now all roundels of the sleeve embroidery are filled and I can focus at the further embroidery for the neckline of my sweethearts 13th under tunic. Unfortunately, due to some recent news concerning my wedding dress, I had to change my plans concerning the further embroidery for this project but I am still determined to add at least a little bit more embellishment to the borders.

The new major focus for my “12th century wedding clothing project” is now to cut out and hand-sew as much as possible of his wedding tunic and my wedding dress till the SCA event “Gulf Wars” in March, where our 12th century wedding will take place. But I will also try to add some nice embroidery and embellishment where possible. You know me, I just can’t make anything without adding at least some embroidery to it. 😉

…and yes, I didn’t forget my 12th century wedding cloak project, I still have to figure out how I can make this all possible in the little amount of time I have still left…

However, let’s take a look at the most recent embroidery progress – the embroidered bears and comets. Enjoy! 😀


The embroidery – which you can see on the picture above – was again a little bit of a struggle. It was quite a fight to get the thread to stay where I wanted it to be but I am very happy with how the bears finally turned out. Actually, though the comets where much easier to embroider, I think that the bears look much better than the comets. *lol*

…and again I have a close up of the embroidery for you:


Well, yes, I admit that for a short time I was really tempted to embroider a teddy bear instead but I thought that my sweetheart wouldn’t find that funny at all. Therefore I used the “Legion of the Bear“/”Legio Ursi”  SCA award sign. But to keep it as simple as the other awards, I decided to just embroider the bear and to skip all the other details of this award sign.

Well, this embroidered bears and comets complete the sleeve embroidery of the 13th century under tunic for my sweetheart – now let’s start with the embroidery around the neckline… So much to do, so little time left but at least all the silk for the wedding clothing is completely pre-washed by now and my sister Bella sent me some beautiful bezants… More about this soon… 🙂

Best regards Racaire