Reinforcement of neckline stress points – my husbands yellow & blue 12th century silk tunic with keyhole neckline

2015-02_Racaire_12th-century-male-overtunicIt is finally happening – this is my last posting concerning the “reinforcement of neckline stress points“. 🙂

In my most recent postings I introduced you to an old hand sewing technique which helps to provide “reinforcement for neckline stress points”. I also already posted about how I used a simple variation of this old hand sewing technique for the quite special 12th century inspired neckline for my husbands new grey tunic as well as for the slit neckline of my red 12th century silk dress

…and today I am going to show you how it looks like when you use the whole technique to strengthen a neckline stress point, using my work at the keyhole neckline of my husbands yellow & blue 12th century tunic as example – enjoy! 😀

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I hope you enjoyed my last posting for now about the reinforcement technique for neckline stress points. I only have a view more pictures of some detail work concerning my husbands 12th century grey light-wool tunic project which I will show you in my next posting. And then I can finally show you the the first sneak peek of a new embroidery project I just started… 🙂

Best regards Racaire

Following you will find a short list of all my postings concerning the reinforcement of neckline stress points till now:

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