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12th century embroidery – Saint Michael and the Dragon – embroidery finished! :)

Racaire 2014 - 12th century embroidery - hand embroidery - Saint Michael and the Dragon - embroidery finishedToday I have great news for you – my “12th century embroidery – Saint Michael and the Dragon” is finished! This embroidery took an endless amount of working hours and embroidery stitches but I didn’t give up! 😀

As you might have noticed, I already enjoyed the “Endspurt” phase of this embroidery tremendously. It really helped me to keep on working at all this endless lines of tiny stitches. And during the last night I was finally able to make the last stitches. I tell you, that was a really awesome feeling.

….and here two pictures of my finished “12th century embroidery – Saint Michael and the Dragon” embroidery for you – enjoy! 😀

…at the picture above you can see yesterdays final embroidery progress before I took the embroidery off the frame and washed it. The next picture already shows the washed and also carefully ironed embroidery. It is now ready to be used and turned into something useful…

Though the embroidery is finished, washed and ironed now, this project has still some way to go. First I still have to solve one important question: what will I do with it? At the moment my favorite plan for this embroidery is to turn it into a small wallhanging which I can use at home and at SCA events.

So far so good – the decision to turn the embroidery into a wallhanging is just the first step. The next step is a little bit more demanding: which shape shall I give the wallhanging? There are a few nice shapes on my mind which I could use for this project. Some time ago I fortunately found an rather old but nice article in German about church and society flags which I want to read first before I finally make up my mind.

However I will decide upon this rather important question and which nice information I will find in the mentioned article – I promise to tell you more about it in my next posting. 😀

…and last but not least – I really have to say that I am very excited about how the embroidery turned out and I love it! 😀

Best regards Racaire

PS.: If you would like to read more about the period 12th century inspiration for the design, embroidery technique,… then please read my first posting about this project:
12th century embroidery – Saint Michael and the Dragon