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12th century embroidery – Saint Michael and the Dragon – sneak peek.2


Though this medieval embroidery technique is a rather slow one, I am very happy to say that I again made good progress concerning my new “12th century embroidery – Saint Michael and the Dragon project.

It took some hours but the wing of the dragon is completely finished now. I am looking forward to continue with the embroidery for the head and the neck of the dragon.


Yes, the color choice for the wing might be a little bit daring but I felt like I should try it.
I really like how the dragon looks more and more like a real 12th century dragon… 😀

Side note: Do you remember my posting concerning my embroidery hint for “threads you don’t need at the moment“? At the picture above you can see that I again “parked” some of my threads on the side. This are threads with which I am not working at the moment. I especially like to do that when I have many sections and several differing colors. This technique, in which I “park” my threads on the side of the embroidery, allows me to change from thread to thread and from color to color as I like.

I hope you enjoyed todays progress and I promise to post new progress pictures soon.
Btw. I added some helpful and interesting links to my page “Medieval embroidery techniques” yesterday – you might like to check them out. 🙂

Best regards Racaire

PS.: If you would like to read more about the period 12th century inspiration for the design, embroidery technique,… then please read my first posting about this project:
12th century embroidery – Saint Michael and the Dragon