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Sneak peek at my next embroidery project – a 14th century inspired pattern worked in surface couching :D

2015-05 - Racaire - 14th century inspired pattern for surface couching embroideryI should actually be preparing for our weekend at the Glasgow Highland Games but I really cant wait to show you the very first sneak peek at my next project – a 14th century inspired pattern worked in surface couching on red silk!

Yes, I know, I am a little bit neglecting the 12th century patterns at the moment but I can’t help it. The moment I saw the picture of the awesome 14th century pattern on which I based my pattern inspiration for this project, I just had the feeling that I had to embroider it… And once I get this feeling, I really have to start a new project! 😉 *lol*

Well, actually the decision wasn’t quite that easy – I actually also had a very lovely 12th century pattern on my mind but the 14th century pattern finally won… Or, well, let’s say it won for now – I am definitely also embroidering the 12th century pattern in the future… 🙂

But ‘nough said – let’s take a look at the 14th century inspired pattern on which I was working during the last days. This lovely red silk will serve me as a beautiful “canvas” on which I can show you how I work the surface couching technique but more about this in the next postings… – enjoy the 14th century inspired pattern for now! 😀


As you can see above, I already finished “composing” the “frame work” for the embroidery.

I normally don’t fill in the middle parts before the embroidery of the surrounding frame is finished. This avoids the tailor chalk getting worn off in the middle sections while I am embroidering the surrounding frame work. Furthermore it also gives me more time if I decide later on to change the patterns on the inside. 🙂

But don’t worry – you don’t have to copy the pattern from the picture above if you want to join me in my new 14th century surface couching madness. I will try to copy the pattern on a nice piece of paper and scan it for you next week. This way you can just print it out and transfer it to your own fabric.

And yes, before you ask – I really like to develop my patterns directly on the fabric. I have to admit it – I am a little bit lazy but I also never have the patience to wait until I can finally start a project and once the pattern is pre-drawn I just need to start… 😉 

I hope you like the 14th century inspired pattern for my next surface couching project – more about it when I am back from the Glasgow Highland Games! I wish you all a beautiful weekend! 😀

Best regards Racaire