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White 14th century XL hood for a friends Pelican elevation – working at the embroidery .1 – first appliqué work finished

2015-08_Racaire_Sams_14th-century-XL-elevation-hood_applique_2Just some days ago I showed you a picture of my current 14th century XL hood project and the finished appliqué work on the right side of the hood. But my hands were not idle over the weekend. Over the last days I continued my busy work at the 14th century XL hood project.

And as I put the past days to very good use, I am very glad to say that all the hard work finally paid off! Yes, I achieved even more good progress and was even able to finish the appliqué work on the left side too.

Though the embroidery is still far from being complete, it is a great feeling to see the first and major part of the pattern – the appliqué work – finished. And the best of all – now comes a part that is a good deal more after my fancy than working at the appliqué work.

Yes, I really can’t wait to start adding the embellishment to the border of the appliqué work. Well, you might have already guessed it – surface couching for the win! 🙂

And now I have a picture of the most recent progress for you – the finished appliqué work on the left side of the 14th century XL hood – enjoy! 😀


Due to being at work my husband was not available for a picture this time, therefore I tried my best to take a “selfie” in the living room mirror for you:


My head and body is quite petite in relation to the head and body of my friend who will be the final recipient of the hood. But I hope that the picture above can give you at least a good idea of how the appliqué embroidery will look like on its wearer. 😀 

And now let’s play with some beautiful silver threads! It’s time to hide the borders of the appliqué work with surface couching!

Best regards Racaire

PS.: If you are curious about surface couching, you can find and download my “Surface Couching Tutorial” which shows the very basic technique here: Craft with Racaire – Medieval Embroidery Technique Handouts