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Scriptorium – new scrolls for the Kingdom of Meridies :)

2015-12 - Racaire - scrolls for the Kingdom of Meridies - SCA - Legion of the Bear - Guiding Hand - Meridian Cross

If you already wondered why I was so silent recently, well, during the last weeks I was very busy hand-sewing and embroidering the christmas present for my sweetheart. And finally, after a lot of work, I made the last stitches for this very special project today. *happydance*

But before I go through the pictures of my most recent project and post about it, I would like to show you the new scrolls I recently finished for my new SCA kingdom – the Kingdom of Meridies. 🙂

As calligraphy is just a pleasant past time for me when I need a short break from embroidery or hand-sewing, I am not really practicing it as much as I should. Nevertheless, whenever I can, I try to do some new scrolls for my kingdom as there is always a great need for new scrolls. And here are the most recent scrolls I made:

My new “Legion of the Bear” scrolls:

2015-12 - Racaire - scrolls for the Kingdom of Meridies - SCA - Legion of the BearThe “Legion of the Bear” scroll, which you can see on the picture above, already has an recipient. Unfortunately I made a small mistake while I was filling in the details for Williams “Legion of the Bear” scroll – I switched the dates for “Anno Societatis” and the “Gregorian” dating. Well, I thought about redoing the scroll but my husband assured me that this mistake won’t be a big problem. And as the calligraphy for this scroll looks really great, I decided to follow my sweethearts advice to ignore the small mistake and to deliver the scroll anyway. Yeah, mistakes like this can happen but it is just a very minor and unimportant mistake most people might not even notice as Batarde is not the easiest hand to read…

As you might have noticed, I normally do “blank” scrolls which get filled out at the event shortly before the recipient receives his/her scroll. But sometimes recipients of an award don’t get their scroll immediately – like in this case – and have to wait for it. Knowing about this fact – as I have done several “backlog” scrolls why I was still living in the Kingdom of Drachenwald – and also knowing how much the “Order of the Bear” and his own award mean to my husband, I asked him if he knows someone of the “Legion of the Bear” who hasn’t received a scroll yet some time ago.

And as it turned out, two of his friends were still waiting for their scrolls. What shall I say, I was more than happy to provide this two “bears” with a scroll. Btw. you might remember the other “Legion of the Bear” scroll which I made for our friend Leyli. I was able to deliver her scroll at the recent “Magna Faire” event and I am very glad to say that she liked it. 🙂

And here the other “Legion of the Bear” scroll I made – this time a “blank” scroll in rather simple document style:

2015-12 - Racaire - scrolls for the Kingdom of Meridies - SCA - Legion of the Bear

My new “Guiding Hand” blank scroll:

2015-12 - Racaire - scrolls for the Kingdom of Meridies - SCA - Guiding Hand

My new “Meridian Cross” blank scroll:

2015-12 - Racaire - scrolls for the Kingdom of Meridies - SCA - Meridian Cross

I hope you enjoyed my new scrolls. And I am already very looking forward to tell you more about the christmas present for my sweetheart at which I was working at during the last weeks. It is another 12th century over tunic which is again based on the early 13th century pattern I already used for his wedding tunic but this time with an very interesting twist. This time the neckline for his new tunic is inspired by the neckline of the blue dalmatica. Well, it was not an easy task and the execution caused some head ache but I am very pleased with the outcome. But more about this in my next postings… 😀

Best regards Racaire