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Great news!

Racaire-2014-first-baseball-game_01 - great news

And finally, after nearly two years of struggle with the legal immigration process and an endless amount of paperwork, I have some great news for you:

I am an permanent resident of the United States now!

Wow! This development came very unexpected for us and it still feels quite unreal to me as I nearly gave up hope on a positive outcome of our case after all the troubles, despair and tears we had to face during the last two years.

Together we went through a major heart attack of my husband, lost paperwork which caused our first petition to be denied, refilling,… to just name a few. I can’t even count the  nights in which my husband held me in his arms while I was crying, telling me that everything will be ok and eventually he was right… We made it – together and with the great help of our family and friends – and our love for each other just grew stronger in the meantime.

Well, the process was long and difficult but I can say that it was definitely worth it! Now it’s time to begin a rather “normal” life again – get a drivers license, find a job and keep on working on my beloved projects… But I am looking forward to it with a certain ease now as a heavy weight was just lifted from my shoulders…

Last but not least I would like to thank our friends and family for the great support we received through the last two years – it really meant a lot to us! *love and hugs*

Best regards Racaire