My new grey/black 12th century dress is finally finished! :D

2016-08 - Racaire - Meridian color- my new grey / black 12th century dress - SCA - hand sewing - Kingdom of MeridiesAnd surprise, surprise – I just managed to finish another 12th century dress! 🙂

Well, I admit it, I didn’t post much about my new 12th century dress project till now – only one short posting and that was all. But well, it was also just one of my “small” side projects which I took up or abandoned whenever I felt like it. “Just” some hand sewing in order to relax and to keep my hands busy…

I think it’s quite important to have small side projects like this. Projects which have no time frame or real importance and might not even work out. But projects like these can help to take one’s mind off things or provide some ease to eyes which just can’t make out any difference between the gold thread and the silk thread you are working with…

I admit it, I was not sure if this new 12th century dress project would actually work out or not. I never made such big maunches before and the basic dress looked quite sad and poor at first. But you know me, once I set my mind on something, I try to go the whole way. Well, I think I had still some hope at this point that the dress might work out somehow – not much hope but enough to keep me going…

Then I started to apply the black linen around the neckline and it was like the dress started to change before my eyes. It felt like the project was finally coming together. And the more embellishment I added, the more my initial dislike changed into excitement. I can’t tell you how great it felt when I finally put my new 12th century dress on and really liked what I saw in the mirror…

And thanks to a helpful husband, I also have some lovely pictures of my new 12th century dress which I can share with you:

2016-08 - Racaire - Meridian color- my new grey / black 12th century dress - SCA - hand sewing - Kingdom of Meridies

And now let’s take a closer look at the dress – enjoy! 😀

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I hope yo enjoyed the pictures of my new grey/black 12th century dress. I have just one more posting about another side project which I want to show you and then I will continue my postings about how I created the rose embroidery for the hood project for my friend Elisenda. Stay tuned my friends… 🙂

Best regards Racaire

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