…special christmas gifts for family & friends – more hand painted christmas ornaments… :D

2016-12 - Racaire - hand painted personalized christmas ornaments - special christmas gifts for family and friendsChristmas is nearly upon us! But I don’t really worry about it anymore as I should have all christmas presents covered now! Yeah, I just managed to finish another three christmas ornaments! And if I didn’t miscount, I have all christmas presents for closest family and friends covered by now… 😀

Making the very first three hand painted christmas ornaments was so relaxing that I just couldn’t resist to make some more for family and friends. And though this kind of christmas gifts takes quite some time to make, they are such pleasant little projects. Especially as they help to also cover the friends and in-laws for which I wasn’t able to find a suitable christmas present throughout the year.

I tremendously enjoyed experimenting with different colors on the inside of the christmas ornaments. And though searching for motifs which might be a good fit for the recipient was already a lot of fun, seeing the paintings on top of the ornaments come together was even more pleasing for me.

I am so excited! Three more christmas ornaments are finished now and I am so very happy with the outcome. I hope enjoy the following pictures of my newest christmas ornaments as much as I enjoyed making them! 😀

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And now I only need to figure out what I will do with the other christmas ornaments I have here which are ready to paint. I guess there might be some more hand painted christmas ornament projects in my future and next christmas is just one year away… 😉

Best regards Racaire

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