…a short update – preparing for Gulf Wars and a lot of sewing… :)

Racaire Meridian Grand TournamentWell, like always I am very busy working at projects but I thought it would be good to post a short update here instead of just leaving a brief comment on my facebook page.

I am sewing like crazy at the moment, as one of my favorite SCA events – Gulf Wars – is coming up soon, to make sure that I have enough to wear for the whole event. And I am very glad to say that I am one step closer to this goal as I already managed to finish one simple new white underdress with trapunto cuffs and neckline.

Not only that, I took several pictures of how I fitted the sleeves for this underdress. Furthermore I also took a lot of pictures of how I did my Trapunto cuffs and neckline because I tried a more simple technique this time.

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My favorite recipes – German Hefezopf :)

Zopfbrot - Deutscher Hefezopf - German Hefezopf Rezept - recipe - baking-  fresh out of the ovenAs some of you might already know, I not only love to work at embroidery or calligraphy, I also enjoy cooking tremendously. It pleases me to try out new delicious recipes like this German Hefezopf recipe. 😀

Though my blog has never been a food blog, I already posted several of my favorite cooking recipes during the last years. As people continue to ask me about my recipes whenever I post pictures of my freshly cooked food on facebook, you might see more postings about my favorite recipes in the future… 🙂

And well, I recently posted some pictures of a German Hefezopf, my latest “cooking project”, on my facebook page. I was very astonished by the attention the pictures raised and how many asked for the Hefezopf recipe which I used. The bread was indeed very yummy and I guess that the pictures look mouth-watering. Therefore I promised to translate the Hefezopf recipe as soon as possible and to share it with you. And here we are, I proudly present the translated Hefezopf recipe to you. I hope that you will enjoy your Hefezopf as much as I did.

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My favorite recipes – Roast Chicken with Grapes

My favorite recipes - Roast Chicken with Grapes

And today a short excursion into the kitchen with one of my favorite roast chicken recipes: “Roast Chicken with Grapes”. Yummy! 😀

My blog members expressed some wishes concerning postings and revisited posting from my “old” blog over the last months. This way I already got together a rather long “posting wish list” for the next months. 🙂

It is great fun to work at postings in which people are really interested and therefore I have tried to work up this list continuously. Already some days ago I started to work up another two open points on my “posting wish list” – a hands-on Klosterstich photo tutorial and a revisited posting about my very first hand sewn stockings / woman’s hose….

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