Klosterstich hands on tutorial – part 2 – how I do my Klosterstich embroidery :)

I know, as nice as my 12th century wedding dress project might be, if you are reading my blog there is a good chance that we share the love for “early” medieval embroidery like Klosterstich, Bayeux Stitch,… Therefore I decided to “pick up the thread” of the Klosterstich tutorial again which I recently started and to make up or the recent lack of postings about medieval and medieval inspired embroidery. 😀

Racaire - Klosterstich - medieval embroidery

Some of you might remember my posting “Klosterstich hands on tutorial – part 1 – how to start your Klosterstich embroidery“. Since I posted the first part I of this tutorial, I spent so much time thinking about the second part that I actually thought I already posted it. But when I went through my postings, I discovered that the second part of my Klosterstich tutorial was still due. Fortunately this is a mistake which can be easily corrected. *lol*

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Klosterstich hands on tutorial – part 1 – how to start your Klosterstich embroidery :)

Before we get to the next steps of how to sew a perfect fitting medieval 14th century stocking based on my most recent stocking pattern tutorial, I have the very first part of my Klosterstich hands on tutorial about “how to start Klosterstich embroidery” for you.Racaire - Klosterstich - medieval embroidery

Already some time ago I promised to put together this Klosterstich hands on tutorial as an addition to my Klosterstich technique handout. It is a summery of my experience based on several Klosterstich classes which I hold throughout the last years.

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